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Denied Ban Appeal

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  • Minecraft Username Zensuko

  • Which member of staff punished you? ChristianDiscord

  • Why exactly were you punished? Timer

  • Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked? I believe I should be unbanned from PvpingMC because using Timer is a wrong thing to do because it can gain a huge advantage of the player who you are 1v1ing within WZ. From the player's perspective, I can picture the player trying to kill the player who is using "Timer" to kill them to get the hacker off and the player will have a hard time killing the player using the hack to get the players god set. I hereby apologize to the Staff/Players that I used "timer" to gain an advantage on pvpingmc. I have realized my mistake and I hope you can forgive me for my terrible mistake.

  • What platform did this occur on? Minecraft, Forums or Discord Minecraft

  • What punishment are you appealing? Mute? Ban? Other? I am appealing a Permanent Ban [ Refusing to Screenshare ]
Not open for further replies.