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  1. ChristianDiscord

    Closed Reclaim for Ranks?

    Old thread, reclaim system can be performed by creating a support thread on the forums or ticket with our discord bot (if it's online, make a support ticket via forums using the format.) Closed.
  2. ChristianDiscord

    Closed Upping the server ram - before release

    Old thread, the server's been released since and handles fine Closed.
  3. ChristianDiscord

    Add dungeons

    :unsure: mine saga also had their own dungeon system, so we wouldn't be the first. I think it's a cool concept, but it feels as if wouldn't fit. Ultimately up to the owners though :p
  4. ChristianDiscord

    Denied Ban Appeal

    DENIED. Thank you for taking the time to appeal on PvPingMC. You may re-appeal in 2 weeks.
  5. ChristianDiscord

    insert motivational quote here.

    insert motivational quote here.
  6. ChristianDiscord

    Closed Reclaim for Ranks?

    Add more detail to your suggestion. How would it work? What would the command be? What rewards would be given for each rank?
  7. ChristianDiscord

    Closed Upping the server ram - before release

    There might be 1,200 users in the discord but that does not guarantee all 1,200 users will join for release, I can tell you a few of the users who have joined most likely don't play the game, they're just here to boost a friends invite reward count. On release, if done and advertised correctly I...
  8. ChristianDiscord