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Punishment Appeal Format

Please follow this format when applying. If you fail to follow this format, your application will be instantly denied.
  • Minecraft Username
  • Which member of staff punished you?
  • Why exactly were you punished?
  • Why do you believe the punishment should be revoked?
  • What platform did this occur on? Minecraft, Forums or Discord
  • What punishment are you appealing? Mute? Ban? Other?
Please note you can only appeal punishments that are longer then one day in duration. If you feel you was wrongfully punished, please file a player report against the staff member.

Feel free to write any additional information you feel you need to include but please keep it short! If you are denied, you are unable to appeal again for two weeks. If you do apply again before that time frame is up, you will be blacklisted from this forum and you will be unable to apply again.