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Skyblock Realm

July 18th at 3 PM EST
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Island Top
In total, we will be handing out over $400 in prizes. Here is the breakdown.
Each island will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands each week. BUYCRAFT WILL BE USABLE ONLY ON SEASONAL ITEMS. This map will last for 4 weeks and there will be 3 weeks of payouts.

First Place - $50 PayPal + Exclusive season winner tag
Second Place - $25 PayPal + $25 Buycraft
Third Place - $10 PayPal + $25 Buycraft


*BRAND NEW* Skyblock Core
Introducing our brand new optimized Skyblock core to enhance your gameplay. With features like Island Permissions, Island Settings, Island Roles, and Block Stacking, you now have the ability to customize your island to your liking.


New Economy
The economy for Skyblock has been changed drastically, the eco sheet can be found here. We are introducing more of a "grind" style meta, in an attempt to make the economy balanced. Buy and Sell prices along with the cost of Upgrades for Spawner have been adjusted. We have also reworked the shop’s layout to include more Decorative Items.


Mob Grinding
We have changed the way mobs die. You'll notice that when killing a stack of mobs, you will only kill one mob out of the entire stack. By implementing this, we aim to reduce the amount of EXP players that have to fit the previously mentioned “grind” style meta.


Additional Changes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Chunk Collectors' values to randomly reset.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to shift-click items into a spawner's add/remove GUI.
  • Fixed the lucky pet not activating.​
  • Fixed the Goblin Pet not giving any treasures.​
  • Fixed a bug with the Spring Pet not applying effects.​
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed cooldowns on pets to be bypassed.​
  • Fixed a bug with the MobCoins pay command not removing the coins from the sender.​
  • Fixed a bug with the MobCoins deposit command not adding the coins to the player's balances.​
  • Fixed a bug with the Spawner Outpost not giving x2 Mob Spawn Rates.​
  • Fixed a bug with Zombies and Creepers having the same drop chances for mob coins.​
  • Removed special enchants from Enchant Boxes.​
  • Added a max level to the Lucky Charm pet of 250.​

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