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PvPingMC Rebirth Map 1
Greetings PvPers!

Welcome back, we have been expecting you.....:sneaky:

I'm here to introduce PvPingMC's Rebirth Map, and I want to first apologize for the delay, and the constant down time. We have been working diligently, on fixing the bugs that were found all throughout our beta release. There's too much to put in one single thread, so we have made a condense list for you down below.

Just before we start, when is this all happening?

Well, the full release of the network is on...

Saturday 4th of May, at 2:00 PM EST
(You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)

It has a rundown of a lot of our new content and will be used over the next week in our advertisement campaigns. Check out the trailer attached here.

If you'd like to re-upload the trailer to help spread the word, check out our discord, and wait for our announcement! Click here for our discord.

New Website
Something that has received very little change since we've launched is our website. We've decided to get an entirely new theme designed along with a new store.


  • You can now upgrade Island Size/Member Limit.
  • We have fixed the enchant cap it is now 9 enchants per lore, also you can’t just add any enchants to any piece.
  • You can’t break other's chests if they have a shop sign
  • /transfer now updates everyday, and the op items update every three days
  • Spawners bought from the shop will now stack
  • Magmas from spawners will no longer attack you
  • /party create is now a command
  • All the enchantments now have descriptions
  • Envoy Books/Dust now work
  • Pets now work including goblin
  • Perms to /fix all added
  • Increased Armor durability as fights only lasted 30s because of gear breaking
  • Jr/Sr Mods now have chat colors
  • Special kits now work
  • We have re-balanced spawner prices
  • Higher Looting on grinder sword Gkit now is looting 5
  • You can now throw pearls in the PvP Arena
  • Fixed voting/vote party
  • Crate rewards fixed

  • Added ChunkCollectors (Collects all Mob & Crop drops from a chunk)
  • Added Mob Coin Generators (Drops generators around from where it was placed, giving off mobcoins at a set interval per tier)
  • Added PlayerCrates (Let's players create their own player crates for other players to gamble for player crate tokens)
  • Added Transmog Scrolls
  • Added Randomization Scrolls
  • Added Spawner Upgrades (changes drops of mobs)
  • Added Rename Scrolls
  • Added Koth’s
  • Added Kit Star2

Bans Reset and Compensation
We want to give you a second chance. If you've been banned for a reason that isn't blacklisted, chargeback, alternate account, or something very severe, then you'll be unbanned from the network. As promised we will be giving you all the purchased packages on beta, back to you on release!

Island Top
Island top will be over $2,000 all together, payments will be paid out weekly, for more information regarding how payouts will work. Please visit our discord.

Closing Remarks
Thank you for the support. We're working hard to ensure the future of PvPingMC, can strive like the old days, as a Minecraft server and as a community. We've got a lot planned for the future and we hope you stick with us on this crazy ride.

Once again, the server is releasing on...

May 4th at 2:00 PM EST
(You can find this in your timezone by searching in Google)

PvPingMC Administrative Team